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  introduce Introduction

Chendana Interface

Chendana is a comprehensive event management and reminding software. It can help you manage a large amount of events that you have to remember.

Comparing with other similar software, Chendana is able to support network synchronization and functional module much better. The network synchronization allows you to check and manage your affairs as long as you can access Internet, while the functional module enables you to handle some special events in a more professional and convenient way.
  feature Features

The perfect, simple and practical event reminder
Strong network synchronization
The professional function modules with a large varieties
It provides both the "simple mode" and the "list mode". The "simple mode" is easy to understand and to operate, while the "list mode" is more powerful.
The strong and powerful encryption security tool.
Printing Support
You can customize the display attributes and the column width of the list.
Support for the latest operating systems



It is to satisfy the needs of different users. Chendana offers 3 versions, Lite, Standard and VIP.

The Lite version – a simplified version of Chendana, provides only the “simple mode”. You are not allowed to create new groups or to use the function modules
The Standard version provides both the “simple mode” and the “list mode”. You can create new groups and events.
The VIP version offers the same functions as the Standard version. However, you can use all the function modules free of charge.

The network synchronization is available for all the three versions. After purchasing the software and registering on the official website, you can enjoy the network synchronization service for one month, and subsequently, you can continue using the service with only a small monthly subscription fee.

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